Bed bugs..

When I was young I remember it too well that every time we arrived home from the movie house my mother always told us to take off our clothes and changed it to new ones. And she continued to tell us that there might  bugs from the movie theater and now it is clinging on our clothing and she doesn't want the bugs to be in our bed or any of our furniture since she said they will multiply fast. In addition to that my mother gave an example about how the bed bug bites ruin our skin. She even go to the point of pin pointing some of our friends in the neighborhood who has bed bug bites and it is really true that their skin is not really good to look at and they always scratched the infected wounds maybe because it itched a lot ewww!
When I get here in the US hubby had a hard time figuring out why I changed our blankets, bed sheets, pillow cases,  twice a month. He told me why not changed it once a month, I told him I can't do that I could feel "critters" crawling when I can't change the bedding's for a long time. Hubby asked me if I am afraid of
bed bug bites I said oh yes!!


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