Today I went to the gym wohooo ^_^ !! I had to shed some weight gain after the holiday season of fast eating hehehe! Anyhow, I was in the dressing room changing my clothes when I noticed how pretty are there Gym lockers . Mine has two doors  and the locked as I looked at is very sturdy. Nobody would dare to cut it or open it. When I get home I told hubby about my first day in the gym and about my Locker. He was excited for me,  then he added that  he needs a single Locker for his tool too. My oh my I know his tools are everywhere and sometimes it ticked me because every time he looks for something and couldn't find it, he ended up buying another one. And so we ended up having 2 hammers, 2 pliers and etc. So I told him to get some kind of a School locker but with two doors so all his tools will be neatly arranged inside. By that anytime he needs to use one it is all there and we don't find anywhere or all over the barn, basement or in the house.


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