Skywatch Friday: Full moon and the day after

Hello entry for this week was taken the last full moon. I am not the kind of person who always look at the calendar to know when is the full moon but if I happened to notice that outside is well lighted I know right then that the moon is full ^_^ . So last full moom I happened to get one shot it was cold outside  but I managed it well. Then the next day the sky is cloudy but still I keep on watching the sky when the sun manage to perk it's glory and the sun did for awhile but not for long. Here are what I've got! Enjoy!

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storyteller said…
Crisp capture of the full moon and LOVELY pastels through the bare branches in your other Sky Watch photos ;-)
Hugs and blessings,
My Sky Watch
Tabib said…
You made a good pictures out of that cloudy sky.
The same cloudy grey sky over here.
Misalyn said…
Lovely shot of moon..parang feeling ko magpakaromantic pag ganyan ang buwan.

The other 3 photos are stunning, I wish I could see some clouds man lang dito sa lugar ko ng katulad nyan. Parati na lang kasi cirrus clouds.

happy weekend.

Photo Cache said…
the last image spoke to me. i love it.
January said…
Wow Ate Kim! ang ganda!
I love most the last photo..parang may meaning...

Thanks for sharing!
luna miranda said…
the tree silhouette is simply dramatic! stunning captures!
DoanLegacy said…
Love the light thru the trees. Great shots.

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