Gift for Christmas...

Wow 15 more days and it will be Christmas! Right now I have a hard time finding a gift for my niece, nephew and cousins, why, because they are already in their teens. And in that age it is hard for them to please because in the beginning they don't know what they want to, right? LOL!
I was thinking of giving them just cash so it would be easy for me but it looks like that the spirit of having fun and see their eyes glitter when they saw the gift is not there anymore because it is cash (budgeted cash). But I  discover one thing which all teens do love...and what is that... it is music!! Yup they all love music they even put music in their room or ears even when they are studying. So I look around to what to give on each one of them and found out that itunes had   iTunes online gifts on facebook how cool is that. My curiosity perk up so I browse more then I happened to know that ALL my cousins, niece and nephew are itunes lovers and they all are members of iTunes fan page! So what I did I go to the iTunes store and purchase iTunes online gifts for all of them. I know, that when they gonna receive my gift they gonna love me and that is for sure.


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