Helpful ceiling fan..

It is not yet officially winter but our weather here in MI is...shall I say not good already. Well compare to some other state or other areas close to my place, my place is a bit better. Every winter I can't help myself but think about one thing, how many people does used propane gas and how much does it cost for them every month.     
The first time I came here in US I didn't know how cold  it is in winter and how hot it is in summer.  When it is summer, I like to open the windows for the fresh breeze of air to come in so I would not  used air-conditioned, of course to save a bit our our electric bill too, but aside from that we have a ceiling fan that help the inside of the house more cooler. My husband's son just finished their house last summer and he bought his ceiling fans at Hansen Wholesale Ceiling Fans. I tell you what the first time I saw the ceiling fans   in almost all the rooms of my SIL's house I was very surprised how beautifully design are those ceiling fans!!  He put all his teen-agers room Minka aire ceiling fans and we got in our living room one of the Hunter ceiling fans because it has an elegant design.
Now the snow keeps coming and the wind is so cold thankfully for our heating in the house we used wood stove. Before we used propane gas and we keep our temperature in 72degrees but still the inside of the house is cold. With the wood stove every part of the house is warm and comfortable, hubby only adjust the ceiling fan into reverse to keep the warm air stay where it should be. I am happy for this buy.


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