Need help in math...

Okay this is the question that I like to ask to many people, who among you like to solve math problems? Many said that we are surrounded by math, well I guess so but if we move forward math becomes harder to understand we need math help.
My niece who is in college now is really good in math  because I put her on online tutoring I was amazed when she took the high school entrance examination and she passed with flying colors. I asked the teacher in-charge if I could see her answered paper and I was surprised because  if I took that exam I surely failed ^_^. Anyhow, she is in college now and she still continue her algebra tutoring because she loves it. And she needs more math help because she had some subjects in college about algebra, calculus, trigonometry, etc.
Right now, after what my niece has told me I'm  thinking to enroll  in online tutoring too just so to know more about algebra, because in all honesty I am not that good. And by that too, I would have more self-confident in solving math problems and won't shout for algebra help me kind of thing ^_^ at the back of my mind ^_^


Quilt Works said…
Your sponsor tag team is back - love hearing that a young woman loves math! This will serve her so well!

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