At the beach in winter...

Today, (for me) is the coldest day since the snow falls. Yesterday was windy but not a lot of snow. In time like this hubby and I think about going down south and stay in Myrtle Beach Hotel. Hubby and I heard a lot about Myrtle Beach Hotel in South Carolina because his son who just married two months ago went there with his wife for their honeymoon and they are telling us that Myrtle Beach Hotel is awesome. The place is close to the beach, and every morning they take a walk as they watched the sunrises. They told us that they do enjoyed their stay there because the Myrtle Beach Accommodation is superb!
Now I am so eager to have a trip down Myrtle Beach Hotel, I can't wait to get out from this very cold weather I like to enjoy the sun and the beach. When I heard that Myrtle beach accommodations is superb the more my curiosity perk up and so as hubby. Hubby likes to golf and his son told him that Myrtle beach hotel has beautiful awesome golf course and that makes him more wanting to go down south  and enjoy the Myrtle beach accommodations too.


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