Camera Critters: Racoon

Camera Critters

Camera Critters once again and I am excited to see all over the world the different critters that we love  ^_^ to show off in here. Last year hubby and I went to Niagara Falls, Canada, it was getting dark and we were walking at the boardwalk when I spotted this critter (is he a racoon?) stealing the garbage. We stopped and the people behind us stopped too and we were watching him smiling, nobody shove him away. Some people wondered why people are starting to gather around this certain place and they started to come. I started to take pictures of him but he didn't care at all. The raccoon ( i hope) didn't ran away not until he got what he wants. Nobody feeds him though it might be a big NO-NO out there but we enjoyed watching him taking time to get his dinner out from the garbage can.  ^_^

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We love Luna said…
How lucky you are to have a raccoon visit!
Wonderful pictures!
Happy CC
purrs and love
Dianne said…
sure does look like a raccoon to me, great shots
Snap said…
Yep, thats a raccoon -- being a raccoon!
rainfield61 said…
The raccoon behaves exactly like the monkey over here in Malaysia.
chubskulit said…
Buti di natakot sA Inyo ate hehehe.. so cute.. I'm back!

Mine is up now too
eileeninmd said…
Raccoons seem to love going into the trash. I guess they need animal proof trash cans there. Great photos.
That's a cute critter Kim!
Janie said…
Great photos of the racoon. He's cute, and a very crafty critter.
Quilt Works said…
Funny picture! Looks like the little guy stolen something. I wonder what it is :-)

... "Simplicity is beautiful"</a
Ricepatty said…
I love your raccoon shots those little "critters" can be so entertaining! ps I really Love your header picture - just beautiful.
Manang: Neat capture of the raccoon at night.
Dina said…
The masked bandit!
Good catch.
If you get the chance to visit Niagara again, check out the building where the lights shine across to the falls. There's a whole family of racoons, generations even, up there.
nonizamboni said…
What a great capture! Raccoons are so stealthy and adorable all in one beautiful critter.
lisaschaos said…
They are such innovative lil guys! I love them!

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