Time for credit report...

Are you a person who check at least yearly for your credit report? Me and my husband do check our credit report at least once a year. Because it is very important for our next project next  year. We also  found out that there  is a free credit report website that will give you a report from the three bureaus which is Equifax, Experian and TransUnion how easy is that huh.
Not that they only  have a free credit report but also free credit score which is very important for us in buying another house next year. Hubby and I were thinking why not try this free credit report site since they have it all. It would be easy to monitor our credit report as well as credit score . Many websites are offering services like credit report and credit score but how much do you know of this company or websites. Who knows they are just lurking around waiting for their victims and for all we know we are now a victim of identity theft. So after hubby check on the site we decided to get our free credit report and free credit score in one site. So what are you waiting for guys come and check your credit score now!


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