ABC Wednesday : T is for Tea

The ABC letter of this week is letter T for TEA!!

Tea is the agricultural product of the leaves, leaf buds, and internodes of the Camellia sinensis plant, prepared and cured by various methods. "Tea" also refers to the aromatic beverage prepared from the cured leaves by combination with hot or boiling water,[2] and is the common name for the Camellia sinensis plant itself.
After water, tea is the most widely-consumed beverage in the world.[3] It has a cooling, slightly bitter, astringent flavour which many enjoy.[4]
The four types of tea most commonly found on the market are black tea, oolong tea, green tea and white tea,[5] all of which can be made from the same bushes, processed differently, and, in the case of fine white tea, grown differently. Pu-erh tea, a post-fermented tea, is also often classified as amongst the most popular types of tea.[6]
The term "herbal tea" usually refers to an infusion or tisane of leaves, flowers, fruit, herbs or other plant material that contains no Camellia sinensis.[7] The term "red tea" either refers to an infusion made from the South African rooibos plant, also containing no Camellia sinensis, or, in Chinese, Korean, Japanese and other East Asian languages, refers to black tea.

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Sylvia K said…
Ah, and I love Tea! Really interesting post for the day!

Have a great day!

Vicky said…
Yes, green tea for one please... I like it light...
Dimple said…
I like tea of many varieties although I usually drink coffee. Nice post, very informative.
Carolyn Ford said…
Beautiful tea! And such great information too! Thank you so much. This is a wonderful post for any tea lover!
I don't drink tea that often. I probably should; the process is something that slows me down, and
that's a good thing.
Judi said…
Tea is served sweetened and over ice where I live. We call it "sweet tea".
BK said…
Tea is one of my favorite drinks. I like to drink it as it is without sugar or milk.
Anonymous said…
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