Kid is safe...

Went to my friend today they just bought a new house a two story house and it is huge. She has four kids two are in school and two are aged two and threeyears old. We were in their master bedroom chit-chatting when the little girl ( 2 yrs old) was not already in our side she got panicked and ran outside the hallway and found out that they are playing with the older brother the three years old. I told her she must be very thankful that she has baby gates mounted in their two stairs. She told me since her fist child her and her husband already shopped for a good and secure gates and found out that for the best stairway gates brand is from they bought it right away after browsing their websites.
Now since they are in their new house a more bigger place and a bigger staircase they still find out that has different kinds of gates for their wide stairs they have extra wide baby gates,

pressure gates, pet gates and so far they are very much contented of these product and they feel secure knowing that their pets and their kids are secure with those gates that they mounted thanks for
And what is funny is that she also followed KidSafe in facebook, twitter, youtube and kidsafe blog that is how my friend loves the


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