Etcetera Etcetera....

~~~`America nga
The other day I was busy paying bills some I pay it online and some I wrote a check. I was paying this one bill online and hubby and I agreed to pay two months in advance. I was in their website and I choose 2 payments and put the amount when I confirm a pop up window says "I can't pay two payments in one time" so I waited for the next day to do another payment. This time I click the "1" and click confirm still a pop up window says " I can't pay two payments in one time". The next day I do it again this time it work. Today, I logged in to our banking online and check all the transaction I had a shocked of my life I was over paying for about 2 months payment. I was so upset of myself I was so dumb not checking it right away I did cry. I asked hubby to call the customer service of that company and thankfully hubby was able to talk to a representative and he just tell the person who got his call that we wanted to get back the two months overpayed. Right away it was granted and she told my hubby that we will recieve the check in mail and it will take about 5-10 days. I was so happy and hubby was also relieve because I was crying out loud he doesn't like me to cry lol!! In other words, this is really America, ang dali dali lang nang mga transaction ni wala nang mga question2x except of course some personal information na alam mo at alam nila. I was so relieve and now I don't feel like I am so guilty about my stupidity.

~~~ Becky Belo
Nanood ako nang The Buzz sa internet yesterday and  they happened to have a short episode about Becky Belo I was so surprised to see her left eye is not the same as her right eye. Hmmm napa-isip nalang ako.

~~~Unemployment rate
This morning the report is that the unemployment rate here in US already reach to 10.2% the highest since 1983! It is devastating to know that almost every month the ratio goes higher and higher. For sure many people do feel it already because just here in my place anywhere you go there is always "Home for sale" sign. I just hope that the economy here will jump back to what is before.

~~~ Telenovela
I was watching some of the telenovela sa Pinas and I happened to conclude na ang mga telenovela sa atin almost end up in pagpapakasal, or di kaya kainan nang whole family or di kaya kapatawaran. Napaisip ako talaga namang happy people ang mga pinoy. Kahit saan pa makarating ang mga pinoy almost what other races notice us is our big smile and our hospitality. But aside from pagpapakasal or kainan or kapatawaran sa ending nang mga telenovela, ang dami namang iyikan blues in between at ang bida talagang underdog to the max LOL! But right now parang na hook ako sa Lovers in Paris kahit na parang gusto kong sapakin si Piolo haha. Pero that was his call as an actor na parang tigang ang damdamin hayy apektid na nga ako.

~~~ It's Friday
Yup it's Friday once again and it's the first week of November 3 more weeks and we are going to celebrate Thanksgiving day. I am planning of putting up my Christmas tree this coming Sunday I wanted it to be done before Thanksgiving day because I like to watch the lights on the tree and the different colors. Eh dito pa naman sa US ang Christmas and New Year is napaka-tahimik at talagang kaka-miss lalo ang Pinas.


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