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The last time I went to the Philippines to visit my family I was looking for a bunch of photos and this one captured my heart. I still remember the moment the photographer took this picture and I am very much sure that we are about to go to church at this time. Everytime I looked at this picture I can't help but feel sad but at the same time happy. Sad because my parents already passed away. We don't have the privilege now to take a lot of pictures specially in this time and age that digital photography is in. Happy because at least we have a picture that captured us as a family. I am the eldest sibling of the family and look at me I am so thin lol! And next to me is my only brother who has this distinct big eyes hehehe! Hope he won't read this blog. And my sister who inherited the mestiza looking of my mother side.  I also remember the Christmas tree behind us it is made of a plastic brush hehehe at that time that is the most common Christmas tree sold at the market. And I remember also our decorative toys, they are made of straw. Life before is not too complicated  we are happy when we go together as a family to the church, eating halo-halo to our favorite restaurant and watching movies together.
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Rossel said…
galing naman naitago mo pa yan. saan ka dyan ate Kim? ang sarap tignan ng mga lumang pictures ano?
Manang Kim said…
Hi Ross ako yung pinakamatanda at the left side of my father hehe. OO nga naitago ko pa iba pala ang impact nang mga pictures kaya hala ipon na tayo nang mga pictures hehe.
Joy said…
What a beautiful memory! How precious it is to have photographs of our past! =o)
nice picture manang. ang payat mo pala sure nung teenager ka sexy ka ^_^
AMH615 said…
Funny how things change isn't it? It's good you have this photo. It brings those memories to life!
Hi Kim,
Very nostalgic naman ang post mo na ito. Nararamdaman ko ang pagka miss mo sa parents mo at na feel ko ang pagalaala mo sa magandang past ninyong magaanak. Ang payat mo nuong bata ka. Maganda na ma preserve ang ganyang mga pictures para ma preserve din ang memories nang mga yumao mong mga magulang. Thanks for this nostalgic post. God bless you always.

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