Trade show displays

Last summer I had fun going to other places because of trade shows and craft shows. A friend of mine invited me to go with her because she had so much stuff to display and she wanted some help. So I went with her and help her but to my amazement everything was already put up like her Trade show booth, Table skirts, Banner stands, Pipe and drape.

Trade show booth are very important because it is the mainstay of any trade shows. And if you don't have a nice and presentable table booth who would like to see your product. And so the table skirts, though some exhibitors don't put table skirts but some do prefer to have it for more nice looking show booth. My friend prefer a table skirts that are easy to put up and are colorful and can be printed of by any kind of logo. Then I asked her about the banner stands she said that banner stand is very useful in advertising her product because before a costumer come up to the table show booth they first looked and read the banner and that is why she likes to have a banner stand. And lastly she told me that Pipe and drape are very important for her privacy and security of her products.


I love trade shows and sometimes their crafts are cheap. There are a lot here in Thailand and we enjoy visiting if we have time.
Manang Kim said…
Hello B&B, same here I like going to trade shows I am amaze how people come up with so many nice ideas and they make money with that.
ericforster38 said…
The most important things in a trade show is the creativity and the way we express our product through creative displays. Trade show is the most used tool of marketing. Exhibits Etc is best place to find creative displays for trade shows. I organized number of trade shows in my city and again in upcoming month I have a plan to organize one another trade show.

Companies that capture the attention of those at the event are more likely to have people come up to them than the businesses with bland tables. The only way that someone will talk to you is if they find you, and a quality booth makes that possible. So its a good benefit of trade show displays..

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