Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Prayer Tag

I got tag from Miel 


1. List 5 persons whom we wish to have good health. Pwedeng miyembro ng pamilya na may sakit, kamag-anak o malapit na kaibigan. Pwede ding mga taong nde nyo masyadong ka-close pero humihingi ng prayers sa inyo.

(Revised: kahit walang sakit basta gusto mong i-pray or health here does not mean physical health lamang…)

2. Mag offer ng prayer para sa kanila. Pwedeng personal prayer, rosary o pag aalay ng misa.

3. Mag tag ng kahit ilang tao. Mas marami mas maganda, mas maraming magdadasal. Simple lang di ba?


1. I am praying for my nephew Gino Paulo (he has a fever right now and got me paranoid now because of this pandemic H1N1 virus) that God will cover him with HIS most precious blood and that  he will be okay soon.

          Thank God after a day of fever my nephew was fine. It was an ordinary headache but I was scared then who knows it could be H1N1.  

2. I am praying for my brother L.O. who is in @@@ right now doing a bomb squad training that all of his comrades are doing well and be safe all the time. 

           My brother was fine he could visit his family every weekend and thank God he is doing fine. Still I continue to pray for his safety.

3. I am praying for all the souls departed that they may rest in peace.

           Is praying for the souls everyday.

4. I am praying for my husband LH for good health all the time and safety on the road and anywhere.

           Very thankful of his good health and continue to pray.

5. I am praying for my  husband's cousin GWH who is having a strife to his mother I pray that the Holy Spirit enlighten him at all times and that sooner he will make amends to his mother. 

            Still continue to pray for this petition, my husbands cousin don't want to ask forgiveness sa kanyang ina. 

Now I am tagging, Clarissa, Dhemz, Meryl, Beng, Janz, Faye, Rossel, Tess the rest of my friends I know you will be tag soon but anybody can grab this tag too. 

Sunday, July 26, 2009

At bumuhos na lang.....

Every pinoy or pinay who came home or visit Philippines is feeling full of excitement and happiness right? Because we are back to our native land and we gonna see our families, relatives, friends and neighbors. We can eat the food that we crave for, we can eat plenty of fruits in our hearts delight and many more reason to be happy. 

I do experienced it all too like very excited and happy when the pilot will announced that we are just 5 minutes away from Manila or our plane is starting to descend ohhh my heart is like jumping in excitement and happiness. I remember the first time I went to visit my family in the Philippines (2005) I cried when I arrived in our house. Because I was thinking that my mother was there waiting for me but reality check she was gone long time ago. That makes me cry because I felt I missed her that much.

This time my 5th visit, I found out that I already know how to handle my feeling I just didn't burst into tears everytime I arrived in our house. But I feel the emptyness but the feeling doesn't last long because my nieces and nephew makes me laugh at all times.

After  one week me and my niece went to the grave of my parents and nephew. It was strange because I felt bad but didn't shed any tears. I just felt cool at that time. I brought flowers and candles and stayed there for awhile. 

Then my last Sunday came and we all went to my parents grave. Since my parents grave was located right in my mothers hometown I decided to visit my mothers brother and spend time there and had lunch with them with my nieces and nephew. But before we went to my Uncles house we went first to my parents grave. We lighted candles and chit-chat for awhile. After spending time there and the candles are almost halfway down  it was time to go. All my nieces and nephew and my sister started to walked away when I managed to take a picture of my parents grave at a distance. After I took the picture I just snapped!! I cried and cried I can't control it anymore  bumuhos na lang talaga ang mga luha na I make it kimkim for a long time I was there. I felt the longing of a parents love, of their presence. I could feel the pain inside me. One of my niece noticed it and she ran to everybody telling them that I was crying she was so concern I felt they cared so much for me they came to me and with a childish question they asked me what makes me cry so I told them because I missed my mama and papa and that it will take another year to visit them again. They understand it too well they just nod and keep quite. 

I just didn't cry but I wept after I took this picture it was an emotion I didn't expect. I remember it too well after I took the picture I say something like "Bye Ma bye Pa" then I snapped that's like that. I thought the well runs dry already but I realize it would never be dry. 

Thursday, July 23, 2009

My trip back home..

Last Monday was my flight back home here in MI. Arrived NIAA 3:30am and found out there was a long line already. There were two lines one line for men and one line for women since there are only two security machine working.
>> Went to NW counter to checked in my luggages goodness I didn't over weight they only allowed 50lbs (what you can bring with 50lbs??????)
>> After checking in I went to another line which I had to pay (oh well everybody pay neither adult or kid) a whooping 750.00 pesosesoses!! Which for me that is awfully expensive goodness sake.
>> Then went to another line again for immigration purposes. After the immigration counter I proceeded to another security checked-up (again) where you had to take off your shoes,belts and put your carry on bags on the conveyor going through a security machine.
>> After that I proceeded to gate 12 but before that I had to undergo again another checked up (hehehe) where I had to take off my shoes and they checked my carry on bag again. Then at last I was in gate 12 waiting, I settled myself first then called hubby that I am waiting now for my flight back home. I could tell he was so excited hehehe and so here I am after an exhausting, sleep deprived 18 hours flight. I expect to have a sunny summer but jeez it is like we just experienced spring lol!! Sun helps alot sa jet lag but no sun at all here kaya feeling ko gusto kong matulog nang matulog but try not to. Though medyo ngarag pa ang beauty nang lola ninyo pero manage to update here hehehe. Will blog hop later guys and gals promise!!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

I am HOME!!

Just arrived (safe and sound) from a month long vacation in the Philippines. Hope my body clock would immediately adjust the time here. For now I need a good sleep from 18hours flight. Gonna update soon.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Leaving tomorrow for Manila

Today is my last day here in my homecity, it's my pamangkins school days so I have to run some errand to do before I will depart tomorrow for Manila. Will arrive Manila around 9:00 am and as usual the place where I used to stay in Manila will pick me up at the domestic airport. Hope to find an internet cafe when I get in Manila or I will be online when I get in Michigan. And so a short hiatus for now take care everyone, happy weekend and God bless us all!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


As we all knew our very own King of Pop died last Friday and yesterday was his burial and so his memorial. I choose not to watch the memorial because I knew that I would only cry a bucket full of tears. I love his music I like when he perform on stage his music was part of my teen-age years.
This morning I was watching memorable videos taken yesterday I was surprised Michael Jackson and I have the same favorite song the ever fading SMILE. I've known this song since I was in high school and from then on it became my favorite ever!! And I didn't know this music was written by Charlie Chaplin my favorite actor of all time.Here is the lyrics of the song:


Sunday, July 5, 2009

Our weekend getaway

Last Saturday the weather was not too hot perfect to go for a swim. I promised my "pamangkins" that we are going swimming again but not at the beach but at a swimming pool. And it is only exclusive for cousins. We arrived at Bethany's swimming pool around 11:00am (just 10minutes motor ride from our house), the kids were so happy they had their swim suit ready they were about to plunge in the swimming pool when the guard told them to shower first haha. I cooked with the helped of our "angel at home", adobo, shrimp cooked in 7-up, fruit salad, kinilaw, spaghetti, fried chicken and some chichiriya. From morning till 7:00pm the kids were in the swimming pool playing around with their cousins. We adults teased them that we are going home but they don't listen to us they like to swim more so we allowed them until it was 7:00 pm. The place was nice when we get there we are the first so we got the best place and they gave us extra table for our food. They don't have entrance fee, you pay the umbrella type of P300, and cottage type P800 pesos. They have rooms available for overnight stay too. The thing that I like also is that even how many people come to your party you only pay for the people who go swim and their rate is for child 50pesos and adults is 100pesos. For me that was not bad at all since almost all the adults who came didnt go for a swim except my brother. Kids do enjoy water and last Saturday they had so much fun.

Thing I can't live without....

I just found out that there is a single thing here in Pinas that I can't live without and it is the fan, abaniko or paypay in Cebuano. Jeez it is too hot here that I can't leave the house without a fan. I thought that it is the umbrella that I can't live without but I am fine without an umbrella since when I am going to the city proper the buildings shadow will make a shade for us people walking by. But the "paypay" helps me feel relive when it is too hot at day and even at night. I bought this at the market for 15pesos it is worth for the money spend. -grin-


Again, watching my backyard birds this morning. And as I was watching a small cutie pie Bluebird passed the window. I grabbed my camera and ...