As we all knew our very own King of Pop died last Friday and yesterday was his burial and so his memorial. I choose not to watch the memorial because I knew that I would only cry a bucket full of tears. I love his music I like when he perform on stage his music was part of my teen-age years.
This morning I was watching memorable videos taken yesterday I was surprised Michael Jackson and I have the same favorite song the ever fading SMILE. I've known this song since I was in high school and from then on it became my favorite ever!! And I didn't know this music was written by Charlie Chaplin my favorite actor of all time.Here is the lyrics of the song:



Anonymous said…
it's one of my faves too specially because it inspires me to be stronger and to be hopeful even in gloomy times, God bless Kim!
Hi Kim,
This is a double treat for your readers. The music really is wonderful and the video of Charlie Chaplin is simply outstanding. Charlie Chaplin and Michael Jackson are both my favorites. Thanks for the double treat. God bless you always. Paborito ko rin ang Smile.
Clarissa said…
May he rest in peace...Goodbye MJ!!
marveling said…
hello ate kumusta ka na dyan sa pinas?
chubskulit said…
may he rest in peace with the Lord!

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