My trip back home..

Last Monday was my flight back home here in MI. Arrived NIAA 3:30am and found out there was a long line already. There were two lines one line for men and one line for women since there are only two security machine working.
>> Went to NW counter to checked in my luggages goodness I didn't over weight they only allowed 50lbs (what you can bring with 50lbs??????)
>> After checking in I went to another line which I had to pay (oh well everybody pay neither adult or kid) a whooping 750.00 pesosesoses!! Which for me that is awfully expensive goodness sake.
>> Then went to another line again for immigration purposes. After the immigration counter I proceeded to another security checked-up (again) where you had to take off your shoes,belts and put your carry on bags on the conveyor going through a security machine.
>> After that I proceeded to gate 12 but before that I had to undergo again another checked up (hehehe) where I had to take off my shoes and they checked my carry on bag again. Then at last I was in gate 12 waiting, I settled myself first then called hubby that I am waiting now for my flight back home. I could tell he was so excited hehehe and so here I am after an exhausting, sleep deprived 18 hours flight. I expect to have a sunny summer but jeez it is like we just experienced spring lol!! Sun helps alot sa jet lag but no sun at all here kaya feeling ko gusto kong matulog nang matulog but try not to. Though medyo ngarag pa ang beauty nang lola ninyo pero manage to update here hehehe. Will blog hop later guys and gals promise!!!


Medyo oa ang security check sa NAIA pero kailangan para sa safety ng lahat. Glad that you are back in the US where you can pick up from where you left off. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.
Clarissa said…
hahahahaa!!welcome back,Ate Kim!!Tulog ka muna ng marami ha!!^_^

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