A short hiatus....

Hello friends a short hiatus from me here in blogosphere world. Will be leaving tomorrow for Philippines. Right now I am done packing then will do cleaning inside the house, and doing some fast laundry. Will definitely get online as soon as I get to my place of destination. Thank you all for checking on me here and leaving comments I do appreciate it. See yah all soon!


edi retnati said…
hi Kim........ how are you???
Von voyage Kim. May the Lord cover you with His protection as you travel halfway across the globe. BTW, where do you stay in the Philippines? Thanks for the post. God bless you always.
Clarissa said…
Hello Ate Kim!!Have a safe trip!!Regards to your family circle,too!!Enjoy your stay there in the Philippines,saka na ang pagba-blog,Mag-enjoy ka muna sa Pinas!!Looking forward for more photos during your stay there.Take care!!^_^
Dhemz said…
oh my...you are leaving tomorrow ateKim?! i wish you will have a safe trip...von voyage....:) au-au te ha....enjoy the vacay!
hi manang. have a safe trip po. enjoy!!! ^_^
pasalubong ko ha? joke lang...^_^

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