Thanks God!!

Hello mga friends I am here in my hometown and soaking with sweat right now it is too hot hehe. My story begins the day I departed from Detroit June 16, my flight departed at 3:10pm. Arrived at the airport more than two hours early I immediately checked in and with my step-daughter and her granddaughter helping me(because hubby was looking for a parking lot) with my huge two heavy luggages it makes it easy to pull and push. We were in the checking counter area when we found out that, they only allowed 50 lbs now instead of the 70lbs that I know before. Therefore, every luggages that I had was overweight of 10lbs. we took everything that we think it is heavy specially the Olay soap, some victoria secret lotion and chocolates it does help because when we put back my two luggages it was already in the right allowed weight. So goodbye chocolate, soap and victoria secret.
After they gave to me my boarding pass I said byebye to my SD and her granddaughter and kissed my hubby twice and hug him tight cause I definitely missed him much then I procedeed to the security area where they will checked again the checked in luggage. Jeez, my hand carry bag is so heavy and my OTHER victoria secret lotion aren't allowed to be checked in, so they confiscated it all wahhhh another 4 victoria secret down to the drain.
After the security area I immediately headed to the assigned gate thankfully it was not that far from the main lobby. When I get there I saw people started to line up because we are already ready to board the plane. But something was wrong in the flashing monitor, it says SAn Francisco but the gate number is right A-40???!!! I said to myself what is wrong here??Something is odd. Then it happened that a filipina at my side smiled at me and we started to talked and I later knew that her husband is from Mindanao and she is from Pangasinan so we just become automatic friends hehehehhe. Then I asked them what do they think why in the monitor it says SAn Francisco instead of Narita, Japan. They also don't know nothing so I just waited but deep down I had a feeling something is wrong here.
We were inside the plane when they announced that there was this volcanic eroption somewhere in Russia or Alaska and it was advised not to passed that route. That explains why in the monitor it flashes San FRancisco. But the thing is it will took us another 4 hrs from Detroit to SAn Francisco then SF to Japan for another 11 hrs. I knew for sure that I won't be able to catched up my next connecting flight from Narita, japan to Manila. Then somebody announces again that we will just wait for another advice that the Federal will give us when we arrive in SF.
We arrived SF safely it was a long 4 hrs flight we were not allowed to deplane since they only refuel the plane and it only take them almost an hour to do that. While I was inside the plane feeling agitated, bored and tired the stewardess announced that we are going to take off soon and that after 11 hrs of long flight we will spend a night in Narita,Japan!! holy guacamole I said to myself this couldn't be happening, my connecting flight from Manila to my hometown will depart at 5:55am JUne 18!! And I was also thinking of my "sundo" at the airport hoping na hinde ako nila iniwanan. I had mixed emotion feeling tired, sleepy, shock, to top it all very worried. So I immediately called my hubby that I am in SF he too was shocked and explained to him why. Then I told him about my "sundo" and my domestic flight. He advices me to just take one step at a time since with this kind of fortuitous event it is nobody's fault and we don't have nothing to do. It made me feel okay and just leave it to PRAYER!! Yes prayer....I did pray to God that HE will do miracles that something is going to happen and it did!!! We landed in Japan safe and sound and the stewardess says that all the flights that are called will proceed to the gate assigned. She says that the passengers who are bound to Manila will proceed to Gate 22. Every body was in a rushed going to that gate not knowing what we would find out. Wow to my amazement the plane that we are supposed to ride going to the Philippines is still there. The plane waited for us wohoooo!! Isn't it a miracle we are so behind the time and the plane crew talked about we are going to stay one night in the airport hotel but here it is the plane waited for us. A prayer answered right away.
After boarding the plane, the pilot says that they are going to try to drive faster than they are used to at napatunayan naman nila because we arrived Manila almost 2am in the morning of June 18.The worries that was lurking on me the whole time are gone because after I took all my luggages I went down to Tarmac and here is my sundo waiting for me for 3 hrs. Then I procedeed to NAIA 3 (because my connecting flight is Cebu Pacific) and again I was there on time.
With what I experienced this past few days I could say God is alive and if we pray everything will follow. I was seating at Gate 119 and thinking about the past hours thanking GOD about everything. So I am here in my hometown enjoying my nieces and nephew na ang laki na at ang mga kulittttt. Tomorrow we are going to the beach for my nephews 10th bday. I haven't visited my parents grave yet but will do that of course sooner. It is too hot in here nag melt ata ako para kasing pumayat ako hehehe. Will post some pictures soon. Have a great weekend to all. God is good!
Of all the meals this is the one that I was able to take a picture (breakfast meal)
One of those Cebu Pacific gate counter
A long lobby at Naia 3Ready to take off!


wow manang kim. glad nakarating na kayo dyan. ang sayasaya! enjoy your stay! Happy Father's day to your husband! ^_^
ingat palage! God bless
Manang Kim said…
Hi Mer, yes arrived here in my hometown safe and sound. Thank you for the greetings appreciate it.

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