My first FAWN!

Yesterday afternoon while hubby was cutting the hay in the field and I was busy blog hopping he called me to come and if I like to see a fawn. I was hesitant at first because it was too hot 72F. But I had this mixed emotion, anything that is from nature stirs my curiosity so I get my butt up, grabbed my digital camera and headed to the field. I was right behind the corn crib when I saw the fawn, oh my he/she looks so pretty with a lot of spots on her/his body. I walked so slow trying not to make a sound it might scare the fawn. I was behind in this huge tree when I tried to look at the field but I couldn't find the fawn. Everything stood still in a moment I didn't move from where I was standing even if it was too hot until right in front of me I sense something is moving YES!! it was the fawn laying down or trying to hide from me? I didn't say anything, usually I talked to animals or plants but this time I was hesitant to say anything but I did took a lot of pictures and here they are. When the fawn sees me he/she get up and tried to eat some fresh hay.
I tried to move closer but the fawn looks at me trying to say don't move closer my momma is watching you!!!Then he/she took off heading to the side of the field which was not yet cut but I guess the fawn's momma was there waiting.


Beth said…
Hi Manang Kim! Blog hopping lang ^_^
Rossel said…
cute naman manang kim. hindi pa yata ako nakakakita ng deer. thanks sa birthday greeting ha? ngayon lang ako nakapag-blog hop ulit.

meron pala akong new baby blog...
sana ma-add mo din sa list mo. have a great weekend.
hi manang kim, gandang pagmasdan ng mga yan anoh. d2 sa amin may mga deer din..pero di me lumalapit...baka ako matadyakan l.o.l.z.

btw manang kim na upload ko na un suicidal ducks! hehehe! o sya manang darating today ang in-laws ko...dumaan lang ako dito. ^_^ good morning! ^_^
Dhemz said…
wow this is very cute captured the photos perfectly....:) galing naman nito....:) thanks for sharing....:)

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