Wednesday update

Monday, I didn't do anything but clean the kitchen floor. I don't like cleaning floors because I had to bend, kneel or sit on the floor brushing each and every tile in other words talagang kinaka-career ko! I'd rather do the husking than brushing tiles that at the end of the day my body was so sore and I am already cranky. But the result was excellent the tile floor was spick and span that I didn't put back the floor carpet it looks like it doesn't belong there hehe.
Tuesday, it's our family brunch schedule. After brunch time hubby and I headed home and since it was sunny yesterday hubby decided to uproot the huge root from the evergreen tree that was toppled down last storm. It was fun watching how the huge machine pull the roots and drag it to the ditch.

Today, Wednesday I am going to do laundry. The clothes are already as high as Mt. Pinatubo hehehehe. I am juggling if I am going to put the clothes at the clothesline hmmmm will see! Here are some of the picture from yesterday.


You are so hardworking Kim. You can just vacuum, mop and polish your floor but you have to do it the hard backbreaking way. I noticed that you and your hubby are so hardworking and do all the household chores yourselves. Well, that's a sure way to be fit and healthy all the time. You must be living in a rural community close to nature. That is a dream habitat. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.
Umma said…
Grabe man jud Manang Kim.. super kuskos man jud ang beauty nato sina. hahaha.. di kaya ng powers ni lola ang ganyan.. mag sakit man jud ang likod ko hahaha

Puerte man kapisan oi.. di ba kamo ra dira sa house Manang Kim... so I guess its not that dirty man cguro..
Dhemz said…
wow, gi career man jud diay...hehehhe..ako te d nako na makaya sako powers...hehhehe...I use the squeeze mop...:)

hahhaa..speaking of MT. Pinatubo...dka nag-iisa te..ako sad...hahaha...sayunan ka nga 4 baskets ang akong pil-unon..sige lang jud ning ka pending..way kajumanan...hehhee!

kumusta na diha te? nadawat mo ba ang akong g email nga code?
ROSSEL said…
siguro allergy ka sa dumi ano?
ako din parang pinatubo na laundry ko. kailangan ko ng maglaba bukas.
Beth said…
Hahaha! Ako rin Mt. Pinatubo na rin ang labahan at plantsahin ko. Mabuti na lang understanding si husband. Ang sipag sipag mo namang maglinis Manang Kim... noong umulan yata ng "kasipagan sa paglilinis" ay natutulog pa ako, kaya hindi ako naambunan. Kailangan ko pang sabihan ang sarili ko na "Beth, maglinis ka naman!", eh sabi naman ni husband malinis naman daw ang bahay.
chubskulit said…
Hello Tkim, just lettting you know that I have a tag for you.. mwah!
Mom of Four said…
Manang Kim, ang sipag mo naman, hands and knees para i scrub ang kitchen, wow! although kakapagod yan, need ko rin mag linis ng kitchen, wahhhh!
Manang Kim said…
Hi Mel, I had to do it or else ang dumi nang floor hehe. Eh wala pa naman tayong "helper" dito sa Amerika kaya ako talaga ang gagawa iba kasi pag ang husbandry ang maglinis parang hinde malinis to me hehe. Thanks for the comment God bless!
Manang Kim said…
Halaka Mommy Umz, naku ha ang bata2x mo pa sakit na nang likod hehehe. Ako hinde likod sumakit sa akin kundi itong tuhod, arms and muscle hay. Parang one week workout sa gym hehe.
Manang Kim said…
Hi Dhemz, yup mao na tell sa akong lalab kay perte man gydu nakong tuwad2x ug kinuskus naa man diay mi squeezing cart with map tua sa barn pero mura man ug di nako feel mura man ug dili limpyo na ambot lang ug asa ko taman aning akong ka praning hehe.
I got your code I send you an email too. Ako hinay2x ko na pamilo ug magtanaw ko ug tv mao na nga time mamilo ko hehe. Buhay america!!
Manang Kim said…
@Hi ross, hinde naman ako allergy para lang hinde na maganda tingnan yung color nang tiles. Kasi instead of white nagiging dirty white na hehehe.

@Hi Beth, naku last Monday lang ako naambunan nang kasipagan galing langit hehehe. Nakakatuwa lang kasi hubby was so proud of it and instead of bringing his shoes inside he left it outside lol!
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