Sunday, May 10, 2009

Our Mothers Day celebration

How's everyone doing on this mothers day. Are you all had a good day? Whatever or what kind of celebration you've got as long as we are with our love ones that is what matter most.

Yesterday, Saturday hubby took me to Sam's I thought we are only going to do some grocery shopping but he also bought me a huge hydrangea flower. I was half surprised half not surprised since few days ago we talked about not him buying any flowers for me (for mothers day), specially cut flowers that would only withered rather a live plants so I could plant it. Yesterday he surprised me with this huge hydrangea of course I had this huge grin on my face. As we go around the store looking for some stuff, I spotted the shelves of roses yayyy I was so happy when I saw it, hubby told me to get two of them for another flowers for mothers day hehehe.

Today, Sunday, mothers day I woke up late hubby woke me up with a happy face and loudly greets me HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!! Hayyy I may not have biological child but I consider my nieces and nephew as my own too so I might as will celebrate this day too why not!! So we attended the 10:30 am mass at our parish church St. Anne. After the mass our priest told us that their are people who are selling carnation flower for just a $1 a piece hubby bought one hehe and I choose the red one. After church we headed to Mongolian Buffet restaurant and had our lunch date there. They had a lot of food selection and the restaurant is packed with people. We went home I was so full actually I was pegging out with a lot of shrimp I was craving it for days. Here are some of the pictures.


Dhemz said...

woi kalami sa imong bulak TKim...pwede ko mangayo ug saha...hahhaha...joker!

woi te...great ta sad ka ug Happy Mother's day....hehhehe!

I miss to hear from you te...:)

woi tuod, if you need the code that fits to the header...let me know...I can send it to you.

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

What a most memorable Mother's Day celebration for you and your husband. The bouquet of flower your hubby gave to you was simply gorgeous. What a way to celebrate Mother's Day than having a lunch date with your husband. The food on the plate look so delectable and yummy. The photos are simply fantastic. Thanks for the memorable post. God bless you all always.

janz said...

Manang Kim, belated happy mother's day ha! Pcnxa kna late n kita na greet nagkaskit kc ako. anyway, nakkagutom nmn yang hinanda nyo. nest time, kng gsto nyo my umubos sa hnanda nyo tawagin nyo lng ako.hehehehe!!!

chubskulit said...

Wow ang sweet naman ni hubby mo Tkim!

john said...

I am so allergic to that flower lol..

misty said...

Sarap talaga ng buhay pag may nagmamahal no Tkim?

ryliej said...

yahoooo.. sweet naman!

CPA Board Exam said...

Hmm.. chow! tell your hubby if i can dive inn too :)

Clarissa said...

Happy Mother's Day,Ate Kim kahit na wala kang anak,andyan naman ang mga pamagkin mo na nagmamahal sa yo!!Ang sweet ng hubby mo ha!!eto namang giant baby ko dito eh di man lang ako mabilhan-bilhan ng flowers,nalalanta daw kasi(T_T)bilhan ko na lang daw ang sarili ko ng di nalalanta lol!!

janz said...

Manang Kim,Pahingi namn ng flowers mo1 ang ganda. ano name ng bulaklak?

Madz said...

Wow gorgeous flowers te in the hands of pretty woman! glad u enjoyed ur celebration and that it was full of surprises...

Diri kay ato rang April 22 ang Mother's day celebration, so sensya na belated na ni akong greetings...

Btw, thanks for all ur comments and visits diay ha... I really enjoyed reading them and do appreciate ur time and effort...

see u around, stay sweet... will try to visit more often te....:) u know na nga hangat na man jud kanunay ba hehee, mwah mwah mwah

Umma said...

Hello Manang Kim... oi kalami baya sina nga bulak.. Ilove that one too.. kay kadalagko jud and it looks so nice..

I was planning bitaw to buy that one too para sa patio namo..para naay partner ang bed rose nako..hahaha..

Bonggacious jud ang mother's day nimo diha kay kaon pa sad sa buffet... waaahh pareho tawon kta Nang Kim.. mag cge ra ug buffet buffet ...hohoho. then cannot resist na pud sa dessert...

kaya nga nag ingon ko kay banana na Wii na lang ang mother's day gift nako kay para exercise hahaha.. I dont know if that one will work.

Jae said...

Hello Manang Kim.. I saw your site from Umma so I try to check it out here.. Hope we will become friends too.

Btw, belated Happy Mother's day to you.. wow.. that's a big bunch of flowers you are holding.. I like that kind of flowers too.. its very pleasing to the garden.

Im glad to know that you enjoyed your holiday last weekend, indeed you deserved to be treated as the best. Pigging out in a buffet restaurant is a treat.. yey... I love eating too..

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