Garage sale

Yesterday, I went to a garage sub-sale and as usual cars makes the subdivision busy. Cars are parked each side of the road it is hard to get around. So what I did was parked the car and just walked around  the subdivision and that was pretty good I had the privileged to go around and do my walking exercise at the same time. 

I like garage sale, aside from my being a cheapo person its the best time that I can find stuff that are unique and sometimes are worth buying for. And oftentimes when I go around browsing you can't help but noticed that some people are extravagant, some may have a problem of impulse buying(because their stuff still has a tag), some have a good taste, some houses stinks because of the cigarette smokes and etc.  

After garage sale I went home and hubby and I went to Lapeer to visit his Uncle and cousin. When we get home my hubby's cellphone rung and it was his sister telling him that their eldest sister passed out, fell down from the stairs and they are kind of afraid because she might have a heart attacked. We headed to the hospital immediately and was ushered to the emergency room. The doctor told us that she didn't had a heart attacked rather she had 2 blood clots in her brain and that may cause her passing out that lead to her falling from the stairs and broked her shoulder blade and 3 ribs. When we found out that she is going to sleep (they injected her pain killer and other medicine it made her sleepy) and she is going to tranfer to the intensive care unit we headed home and get our rest too we arrived home almost 12o'clock midnight. 

Today, we went to the eye doctor for hubbys check up. Thankfully, I brought a book with me I was reading the whole time he was inside the check up room. Then we headed home and stopped at Bueches grocery store to send money to my family back in the Philippines through Western Union.  Then we headed to Sprint store to change my hubbys cellphone plan his 2 year contract was up and I wanted for him to get a one year contract, lower the minutes used and the bill per month.  

Now I am kind of tired but had to update my blog since tomorrow is a weekend and somethings has to be done too like folding the clean laundry, watching movie, strolling and might be cleaning the yard (again!!)


hi manang kim. sorry to hear from u sa nangyari sa sis-in-law mo. Hope safe na sya ngayon.

Ako din Manang Kim gusto ko din ang garage sale...maraming mura ^_^ hehe
Manang Kim said…
Hi mer, naku good news at nakabalik na kayo dyan sa IL. My SIL is still in the ICU we didnt visit her today she was so sedated at saka she needs more sleep and rest. Thanks for the visit God bless!
Dhemz said…
hello tKim, kumusta na SIL mo...hope she gets better soon...:)

wow what a rough day...hehehhe...never been to a garage sale tKim...wish to go there...minsan sa goodwill nalang ako pumupunta eh....hehehe!

honga pla te..sowe now lang ako naka visit...ito man jud lappy ko overheat eh....karon lang ko nag OT sa blog hopping kay ako gamit 2 electric fans...hehehe...:)

ang resulta ani te kay buturan ko...hahaha..sobra sa hangin...hehehe!

mag reply tuod ko sa imo email te ha...check mo lang pag naka time...:)

hala sige au-au diha kay mag tiwas sako ug blog hop...:)
Manang Kim said…
Hi Dhemz, naa pa gihapon siya sa ICU because of her two blood clots. Got you email and I email you back hehe. Ayaw palabi ug electric fan kay ang butod gyud I hope naa ka diha efficascent oil hehe. Thanks for dropping by. Thank you much God bless!
Snow said…
Garage sale is not that popular here in the Philippines but I really love the concept of recycling old things to make it usable. Oh well, sana maging ganito rin sa bansa natin soon.
Manang Kim said…
Hi snow, yes it is not that popular in the Philippines because majority in Pinas don't accumulate too much stuff. Thanks for dropping by I appreciate it.

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