Wanna feed my pig? And the slam dunk of Gov. Sarah Palin speech

Early this morning hubby and I went to visit Doreen and brought her the carrot juice. On the way going to her house we passed several garage sale signs. After staying in their house for awhile I asked hubby to stop by at some of the garage sale signs and looked around. I was so excited I found the pig that I am longing for hehe. It is a piggy bank actually and if you drop a quarter it makes a good sound and the dollar sign on the side of the piggy lights up makes it more exciting. When we get home my sister in law and her husband were waiting on us. While there I ask my sister in law WANNA FEED MY PIG? And indeed they did feed my pig!!! I was like a kid having this huge grin in my face ear to ear and so excited watching them feed my pig.
I missed the call of my friend Rhebs, when I arrived home I checked my cellphone and there it is her name, so I called back but I think she was somewhere and busy she wasn’t able to picked up the phone. Anyhow, I was cheering Gov. Sarah Palin speech, oh men she just got it!! When experienced talks you feel it and get it through you. She slams and hit it bullseye. What a fantastic job! Congratulations!!

Before, me and hubby got busy for the day I went to the garden and picked some of the vegetables before Mr. Woodchuck come and eat what he could find there. But to my dismay he came very early I found some tomatoes freshly nibbled. I couldn't get zucchinis, squash, cucumber because they came first and eat it while it is young. Luckily, I salvaged some of my cabbages by putting cayenne pepper and now I have got some readly to be harvested. Hubby took time to wait and watch them when they came around 7pm, fortunately he just hit two of them but he says if you saw 1 or 2 of Mr woodchucks family it means their are more in their flock. Here are the vegies that I got today...

onions, cantaloupe, cherry tomatoes
green bell pepper


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