A funeral...

I, hubby and my sister in law Maxine went to attend Larrys funeral my hubbies cousins. The funeral service was in Rochester but he was buried in Macomb, Township. It was a long drive from the funeral home to the cemetery and the day is sunny and humid. The good thing is that we don't have to go to where he is buried instead we had to go to this little chapel in the cemetery and pay our last look for the dead person. After a short talk from the pastor, everybody went to the church function hall just across the cemetery for a dinner. There, I've meet more relatives that came from the other side of Michigan and some from other states. I already lose track of all my hubbies relatives name, hubbies family is quite big compare to mine.
Anyway, everytime I came to attend a funeral I can't help but compare it to how it is done in Pinas. Just can't help it because there is quite a huge difference between the two. In Pinas it takes days or even weeks that we buried our dead but here it takes just two days or less. And not even that, in Pinas our culture had to have a vigil for several days and that leads to the immediate family a long stress to take since the bereaved family are the one who accomodate all the visitors and taking care of the foods and all. While here when the dead body is in the funeral the vigil will only takes place in a designated time and day.


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