The Fruit of our Labor

Few years ago, hubby and I started to plant 3 peaches and 2 pear trees. After a year that we planted the trees only three trees were left alive. This year this 3 trees blossomed plenty of flowers, I even don't know what was it at first since I have no idea which one is pear and which one is peache. I also didn't knew (my step daughter told me) that when we have this kind of trees it is better to plant 3 or more since every year they take turns to bear fruit. In our street words, naa gyud laki or baye, in order to bear fruit. And so, I was thankful that among the 6 trees that we planted three are peaches but sad since my pear trees died.
After, many months of waiting for the flowers to become a fruit TODAY I harvested five fruits from the peach tree. I tasted it immediately and it is unbelievably sweet. I think and I conclude that our soil here likes peach rather than pears since we have one pear tree here but it ain't good at all. I have vast of land here to plant fruit trees and it makes me feel proud to eat the fruit of our labor. So maybe next year I am going to buy more fruit trees like peaches or pears (I bought it from Meijers) because I am inspired.
Last night, I was glued watching the RNC, Republican National Convention. I cheered (alone) since hubby is beside me snoring and deep in sleep. It is my first time to watched this kind of events though I didn't watch the DNC but I search in the internet about their speeches and read it. So the race is to who will become the next US of A president is formally up. Whoever will become the president of this very beautiful country I hope it is not because of his own interest but because he wants to serve the people of this country.


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