~~~~~ It’s been awhile after my last entry take place I was just too bothered about what happened in Mindanao, my mind couldn’t think right specially on what I am going to write here.
But my family were fine and doing well after that terrorizing Monday. Although my family live across the town that was being attacked but as what my sister and niece told me that they could hear the gun shots and saw the smokes from the burned houses and they also witnessed how the evacuees were so traumatized on that day. I talked to my brother and he says that it is still red alert and so everybody has to be cautious. I watched the news over ABS-CBN specially the regional news and found out that 31 Moro rebels surrendered and just by what happened before, this “soldiers” were persuaded by the rebel leaders and being told that they will be given 40,000 pesos for a salary but as what the surrender rebel says since 2003 that he joined the group, he never saw even a single cent that the leader had promised them. I hope by what the surrender rebel says, many young men or even the older men will see it as a RED FLAG that everything is a deceit, dupe, trick.
My heart goes to all the people who suffer from the savage attacked. I have known many people in this towns and couldn’t help but feel so sad. I do pray that many were being spared.

~~~~~ For the past weeks now, hubby and I goes to Doreens house to prepare for her food. I massage here right leg just to let her feel good since she always felt pain in that area of her body. Her Dad keeps reminding her to eat the right food so her immune system will keep up the medicine that she take. The doctor told us that she passed the time frame that he gave to her. Well, Doreens faith and us healed her and now we do care for what she is eating. Hubby noticed that she eats the not so good food that is why we started to gave her the real big shot kind of food which then build her immune system and give back her body strength. Many told us that she is already healed, yes indeed, me and hubby couldn’t disagree to that BUT the body also need food to strengthen it just as the spirit needs prayer.

~~~~~ Last Saturday and Sunday, I meet my beautiful friends the ladies from different states. Day G (Ohio), Ger and Judy (Illinois), Vanz (Texas) Donna (Canada) you may wonder how in the world I meet this bunch of beautiful ladies. Well it started way back 2003- 2004 when I joined the Asawa Forum. It was in that forum that I meet Lanie too who is my first friend here in Michigan. The other ladies that I already meet is Rhebs (florida), Dharl ( Texas), In-In (Illinois). First we became online friends then later on when everybody was here in US of A, we started to see each other. I am very glad I meet this awesome ladies, they are strong women, intelligent, wacky and devoted to their husbands and kids. Hope next time I got to see Sandy and Mel too.

~~~~~ Monday, were back to visit at Doreens again. I massage her and hubby prepared the carrot juice and barley green for her. After staying there for awhile we went home and picked some vegetables and bring it to Nanay Yolly in Oxford. From Oxford we went to Sams to purchased more carrots and Nanay Yolly was with us to buy rice and some stuff. Anyhow, while we were in line waiting to pay for our stuff it happened that Ate Aida was there and so we were introduced to each other and it makes more funnier because the cashier was Lanie hehe.

~~~~~ Tuesday, I stayed home doing some laundry and checking emails and bloggies. In the afternoon, we went to Bueches to send money to Pinas.

~~~~~ Wednesday, Hubby went first at Doreens and stayed there for awhile. I thought I could come that day but I was so focus sorting out the stuff that I will send back to PI. I’ve been preparing 2 boxes to send this coming Christmas but was thinking about just sending one box hmmmm.

~~~~~ Thursday, we planted the trees that I ordered online. I named the two trees loren and kim isn't it cute? Hope next year it will grow fast because they claim that this kind of tree is fast growing. We will see.

~~~~~ August 12, 2005
This year is my 3rd year of blogging in this particular account. I love writing in anything and everything as I love reading too. Somehow, I got to put in words what transpire my day here in my new country US of A.

~~~~~ Sunday, we attended mass. Afterwhich, we went to visit Doreen again and gave here more carrot juice. Then we went to Bob Evans for our brunch. Then went to Gordons to shop for the food that we are going to bring for the reunion, after Gordon we went to Sams for another shopping. I was exhausted after all the trips.

~~~~~ Yesterday, Labor Day!
My hubbies family had this reunion every year for 92 years now. The oldest of the group is their Uncle whose age by now is 87 years old. He told me when I talked to him that he was 7 or 8 years old when this reunion started. He remembers on the same park that we held the reunion that they used to run up and down the hill and that he remembers that a tower was on a hill. At that time you could see the tower because the trees are not that tall after 92 years the trees are tall and you couldn't see the tower it amazes him when he accounted all those years that he was in this reunion. Who can't beat him? I guess no one.


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