My 23 hens and 1 rooster....

Last May, we were given by my hubbies son 25 chickens. They were so tiny when they get here and one was sicked then. The next day the sick chick died and the rest are just doing fine with their new house.
At first, we bought their feeds at Tractor Supply. After a while hubby had a second thought and realizing about what kind of feeds we get from the stores. He noticed some stuff in the feeds that ignited the red flag of him. So he called his other son and talked about buying a good feed for the chicks and good stuff means it is made from the local farm. We got bags and bags of feeds delivered the next day.

After several days, days turns to weeks and weeks turns to months my chicken are already big. Then we noticed that out of 24 chicks 23 are hens and 1 is a rooster. Hmmmm sounds good for the rooster huh! The king sorrounded by all the queens. Here are some things that I noticed:

1. Even if they are chicken they also have a certain characteristics that stand among the many.

a. one picked her beck at the door just to get out. she is the most extroverted hen i have ever known. she is the one who likes to be the last to get in at night. kakainis sometimes i chase her just to make her go inside the chicken coop.

b. one also like to be the last to get out from the house since she likes to fly and not walked out sosyal gyud.

2. They like to go out from their house and roam around the backyard, frontyard, sideyard where ever. Hubby already thought of putting them inside a round huge fence, but I told him to let them have fun, what the heck right?

3. They like to fight, well I don't know what is the reason of their fight. It could be the attention they want from the one and only rooster? hehehe

4. I noticed that the rooster has one super extra close hen. (the rest is censored) hahaha!

5. The rooster is the one who crows in the morning, middle of the afternoon (of course) but I don't know what it does mean one thing I knew is that when I heard the "TOKTOGAOK" I feel sleepy hahaha.

For now they are all over the yard I just hope that they don't have the nerve to go across the road or else they will be crushed by the passing cars. I am also very excited to take the first egg from mama hen I don't know when but crossing my fingers it will be soon. And then we have a very pure organic eggs.


marikay said…
hahahaa! how lucky you are to have chickens!!!!! Wowee they are cute!They are like pets but you get a perk of having fresh eggs. Lucky rooster. hee hee.
Manang Kim said…
hi kay yes they are my pet now hubby ask me if he can make a chicken soup? i said it is ok for me since they are chicken and we knew they dont have any anti-biotics or any hormones injected to them so they are OKAY for food but I would never be the one to kill them nor clean the feathers couldn't just do it hehe funny right? anyway the coyote took 7 of them i posted it to my new entry and till now as i wrote my entry couln't help but cry again very sentimental me hay.
marikay said…
Hi Manang Kim, awww, like I said, I'm reading your post backwards so now I see some of your hens are killed by the coyote. =( I totally understand your sadness, you get close to seeing those cute little clucking sounds and rooster sounds. Plus seeing chickens brings us back to our childhood when I'm sure you had chickens and I remember my grandpa had chickens too. I don't blame you at all for being sentimental...I would cry too... =(

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