Last Sunday of September

Hmmm what significant events that happened this week....

~~~Last Monday was the beginning of Fall or Autumn. As I looked around leaves started to turn there pretty colors. I already see many leaves laying on the ground.

~~~Same thing hubby and I went to see my step-daughter and take care of her.

~~~Yesterday, we attended the installation mass of Fr. Gerry in our Parish. The mass started at 5pm after the mass we went for dinner at a new resto here in our place. After dinner we went to visit (2nd time for the day) my step-daughter and went home 10pm.

~~~Friday morning I chatted my neices and nephew over yahoo messenger and skype. My sister was their and so my eldest neice. As I looked at them in the webcam I could say that they are getting bigger and taller too. They are so energetic it seems that the day is not enough for them to play. I asked their performance in school and I asked them to face infront of the webcam and tell me whats going on in their school life. It begins with the youngest AG, she is in nursery, she showed me her test papers and one paper she didn't make it perfect she had two wrongs. I asked her why she said "because I have no more crayons and pencil" ewwwwwww that is the reason why she didn't perfected that lesson. Then I talked next to MG she is in K-2, she showed me her test papers and they are perfect. Then hubby came to see who is in webcam and she saw that hubby was with me and she holler to her sister and brother to "not speak in cebuano but speak in english" oh diba bongaceous tong pamangkin na ito hehehe. Then I chatted to my one and only spoiled nephew GP, he showed me his papers and the result was fairly very good. The fact that he is very hyperactive kid I never thought that he got a high percentage of grade. What makes me happy is that he almost perfected his math exam, there where 30 questions he got 28. Then I saw his work in arts and craft I could say he has talents it is perfect for me. I told my sister to keep it since I am thinking of putting it in a frame its really nice to put them on walls. Then my nephew showed me his intrams uniform, I remember last year he won gold medal for track and field event. He says this time his teacher put him to competer track and field again and badminton so in the end he ask me to buy a badminton racket for his play this coming Friday. I asked my sister if I could chat my niece, hmmmm she told me she is already asleep she was so tired after her hospital duties. Chatting my nieces and nephew, watching them sing and dance, listening them laughs and whine infront of the webcam makes me happy and laugh too. Missed them so much next time when I get to visit them we will gonna have another time of bonding.

~~~I started to clean up my garden. I took off some of the tomato cage but haven't finished it all yet. Another project to be done soon since it is getting colder na.

~~~My 23 hens and 1 rooster is getting big now. For another week or two I guess I am going to have fresh organic eggs.


Stev&Emz said…
wow.. a week update. =) bising bisi ka Kim ha. =)
by the way i got a tag for you.. its in this LINK
check it out ok!
have a happy Tuesday!
Kim said…
hi emz tnks for the tag. will do that soon i like answering tags though.
marikay said…
Hi Kim, wow, technology is wonderful. It's nice to have a webcam to see far-away loved ones. I wish my family in the PI have a webcam too but we don't. I have one on my computer but I dont have anyone to see. haha! Anway, your neices and nephews sounds like sweethearts and I can tell you are so good to them and they endear you and your hubby. When are you going to vacation in the PI again?? I know you go there a lot and so hopefully you will see them again soon...

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