Water World Wednesday

                                            WELCOME TO WATER WORLD WEDNESDAY
                                                                  Episode 5,  Year 2

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!! Here is to the first photo of this year that I took last week when we snowed a lot!! And today the first day of the New Year we don't have snow and the sun is out the wind is chilly just right for me. I am certain and praying that this year is a very good year.

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Klara said…
nice shots. happy new year!
Valerie said…
Pretty shots Kim. Happy New Year to you too. While it appears you are in the depths of Winter, we are in Summer here in Australia and it is forecast to be a scorcher! Temperatures this week are expected to be around 37C.
colleen said…
A castle of cycles.
Isn't that all so gorgeous!!! We don't have this nature's beauty in my neck of the woods...enjoyed it all, I did!
A delightful collage of winter water beauty.
starfall said…
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Klara S said…
Happy New Year. Cool shots.

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