Water World Wednesday

                                                   WELCOME TO WATER WORLD WEDNESDAY
                                                                              Episode 27, Year 2

Hello ladies and gents welcome once again to our water link up!! How is everyone doing these days? Well, here in the USA week from today is our National Election Day!! Since I am a naturalized citizen and I came here 12 years ago I voted twice yet and shed a lot of tears when my candidate lose the race. These time I have prayed so much for this election, this is folks as American this is our defining moment win it or lose the freedom our Forefathers fought for us. To all my friends in Europe, Australia and Asia please say a prayer for a good and no fraud election. Thank you!! -wink-wink- Today I choose the photo of NAMAKI of Objectif Regarder her blog.

                                  This place is amazing. How this happened? Was there a flood?
                                                    Photo Credit: Namaki


namaki said…
Thanks for choosing my picture. No there was no flood, it's just a mangrove. At low tide the tree are no more in the water. It's the eartern side of Railay Beach in Thailand.
Linda said…
Interesting photo.

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