Pineapple Sage

I was checking my emails. Mind you I am already annoyed of my 3,500 ++++ emails with spam and all so I delete it all. LOL!! Anyway, can you imagine having a 650,000 emails how is that happened? LOL!! Anyway, before I will post my post I am saying I am going to vote for Mr. Trump!!! 

While I was sorting and checking my emails hubby came and handed me this beautiful flower. I asked him where does he gets the flower when most of the flowers now are withered because it is getting cold. He told me it came from my potted herb garden that I put in the barn because we had frost last week. So I remember it was my PINEAPPLE SAGE that starts to flower and so my Thai basil as well. I get very excited and thought of planting more Pineapple sage because it is good for bees and hummingbirds.


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