Water World Wednesday

                                                  WELCOME TO WATER WORLD WEDNESDAY
                                                                          Episode 10, Year 2

Summer is here!!! And here in my neck of woods it is hot! Which for some reason I am welcoming it with much love since here in my neck of woods we always have prolonged cold season. So loving it and hope everyone is enjoying their summer!!


Gayle atMuldoon said…
I can hear the soft ripple of the water as the crafts slip by.
Tony McGurk said…
A lovely place to relax. I'd love to be in that canoe just floating around. It's Winter here so I hope you're enjoying the warmth of Summer.
Rhonda Albom said…
Beautiful and peaceful. Glad to have just been directed to your link up. I love water shots.
Love the water shots! Since I use the same linky list for SEASONS from Sunday to Wednesday, I know why I can't see your link list (I can't see mine for SEASONS either!). Hopefully it will return before the day is over:)
Also love the out and about photo above this post - I understand, because I have lived in Holland - in extended winter everyone is inside!!!

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