Water World Wednesday

                                              WELCOME TO WATER WORLD WEDNESDAY
                                                                         Episode 100, Year 1

Wohooo! We've reach 100 episodes for year 1!! Thank you so much blogger friends I really do appreciate it so much of you all coming here linking your beautiful water photos. Every single week I am always impressed of what you share here all your photos are very amazing. And I would like to say you all have a lot of talent and skills to share. Again, thank you so very much and looking forward to another 100 episodes!!!

          This is lavender/lemon infuse water which is my favorite to drink when temp gets warm.


Anonymous said…
Kim I wanted to link, it's 11 am in the morning here, but it says "the linky is now closed"?
Hope you can change it, we we still can link on the rest of Wednesday:) - thanks!
Linda said…
What she said! Meanwhile, congrats on the anniversary.

Anonymous said…
For some reason The linky from last week got moved to this weeks post.
Liz said…
Hi Kim,
I have come back a few times now to link up this weeks post, and the link from last week has copied to this week also. I hope you can fix this?
One year linkup - happy birthday - did it meet your expectations? #WaterWorldWednesday

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