Water World Wednesday

                                              WELCOME TO WATER WORLD WEDNESDAY
                                                                         Episode 99, Year 1

I have said it here before, I love rain! The sound of it makes me sleep and feel at peace. These weekend we had a good rained so I was stacked in the house. Watching tv and at the same time listening the rain means relaxation to me.  The next day I went outside even if it is still gloomy to take photos. This is what I get a good reflection..


Nora said…
nice reflection! I like rain too.
Mascha said…
Oh yeah, I like rain too and I have an especially (piano) music, when it rains, I open the window and start it play...
Have a good time
Jutta.K said…
sorry, there is something not working properly when link :-(

Greetings from germany
Great reflections, Kin! Have a great week!
Liz said…
I'm not keen on rain, myself! Nice reflection though.
Maria said…
I like rain to, it makes me sleep deep like a bear in hibernation. Nice reflections.

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