Episode 95, Year 2

Okay so last Wednesday we had a snow storm/blizzard what ever it is cold. But I tell you we are almost spring and how in the world we still have snow storm. I saw some farm field was already plowed, so I thought no more snow but heck yes we still have...and hope this would be the last I am so done with this so cold I have to move south in fall and winter this year, mark my word!! ^_^

Thankfully, today the snow is now thin. But I like to go our and stroll around with out heavy coat or boots. Oh well spring is right around the corner and I am waiting...


Liz said…
It does look mighty cold!
Mascha said…
Frozen water.. sigh!
Send you a little sunshine
Nora said…
Your water world is very cold and snowy!
Anonymous said…
Still snow eh? About my thumbnail - it's hard to see on there, but when going to my blog you can see, the water is behind the bridge - it's the moat of a castle in Holland! By the way, we have new )weekend) neighbors, and the lady of the couple comes from the Philippines -she is just like I picture you, gracious, calm and quiet:) A happy week to you - hope the snow does not stay too long!

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