Water World Wednesday

                                           WELCOME TO WATER WORLD WEDNESDAY
                                                                 Episode 90, Year 2

Okay for few days now the temperature is plunging. Yesterday, we wake up with a 7F temperature and the same thing happen today. But yesterday the sun is out and it is so cool to see the sun piercing its sunrays through the glass window it feels great. But today sun is covered with the clouds but hoping the clouds will lift up and will see the sun again. Anyhow, because of so much cold and snow in the ground nothing to do actually. Hubby and I are not a snow people though we are close to a ski resort here but its not our cup of tea. So browsing my old photo file I saw this beautiful house by the lake and I just thought how cold it is now in that place but how awesome it is when it is spring and summer!! Here is the house that I would like to get...lol..in my dreams!!

And this one I missed it too. Love, love, love the sunset when I am at the lake so gorgeous and very peaceful!! So few more weeks and it is going spring I cannot wait!


Minoru Saito said…
Hi! Your sun set photo is very beautiful. Thanks for sharing.
Mascha said…
Sweet memeries!
I'm not a winter person too, snow makes the alldays life very exhausting, when you don't have a car, only a bicycle...
namaki said…
I can't wait for the summer either as it is getting quite cold over here ... Thanks for your warm sunset !
Liz said…
We are right in the middle of the Australian Summer here, complete with drought and bush fires down south and terrible humidity and occasional storms up north where I live.
I love the rich sky in your second image!
Oh 7 degr. F is cold! The water pic of Silver Lake I offered was also taken in the heat of summer:) If I would go now, chains would be required (it's at 7000 feet) Stay warm Kim!
Linda said…
Lovely sunset! It's cold here in Virginia.

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