Water World Wednesday

                                           WELCOME TO WATER WORLD WEDNESDAY
                                                             Episode 87, Year 2

When Mother Nature unleash its fury it is a blast! For few weeks we do not have snow instead it's all about rain. Christmas day many expected to have snow but no it didn't happen. But came yesterday and it was an  ice storm I am grateful that what ever weather we have our electric power is still up. Today, took this and look at he sparky ice hanging on so pretty to look but be careful that is heavy and could harm any one if it will land on your head. The road is slippery of course, hubby and I were out and about when the sleet of rain came at around 2:00 pm our car did dance for few times, lol!! So much for the weather because I find it weird!! I would like to greet each and everyone a 

                                                    HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!

Our Willow tree has a lot of icicles now it is starting to melt and hope so it is fast since it is easy for the branch to break when it is loaded with ice.



Anonymous said…
Were very fortunate this year - it started snowing the day before Christmas eve and stayed till the 26th. Wishing you a fabulous New Year!
Linda said…
Glad your power stayed on. Best wishes for the new year!

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