Water World Wednesday

                                               WELCOME TO WATER WORLD WEDNESDAY
                                                              Episode 85, Year 2

These photos I may post it before but I find it appropriate for what I feel these time/days. You see I am all alone here in the USA and with no family around is kind of sad and lonely. I am more than 8,000 +++ miles away from my siblings and nieces and nephew and that makes me sad because it's going to be Christmas. So just by looking at the horizon of these beautiful lake makes me want to be home. I don't know how people survive without thinking or visiting their family this season and they are fortunate that their family is close by. As for me I only wish they are close by me but oh well I think that is what gets with this holiday season you get a little bit sensitive and touchy. Life must go one no matter what, right??

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Lovely lake. I am sorry to hear you're lonely this time of year. :(
Liz said…
Lovely shots, Kim! I'm sorry to hear you are alone this Christmas! I have family members who don't even visit or call and live very close by... I never understand it but there is nothing I can do but hope and pray that they will stop being so proud and put aside whatever issues they have. I'm sure they have forgotten what they were angry about in the first place...
Christmas is the time for family togetherness. I hope you at least can call and speak with your family??
stevebethere said…
Beautiful peaceful photos :-)

Have an oceantastic week :-)
namaki said…
Well, wish you have a good Christmas by all means ...
Anonymous said…
I understand, Kim having lived many years in another country from family. One year is better than the other. What I mostly try to do is to call my brothers on Christmas day. That usually lifts my spirits. Hope you get to celebrate it with friends then!

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