Christmas Pocket Letter

I think to those who visits my blog know now that I am into making pocket letters and adult coloring. Making pocket letters is fun especially when you received your pocket letters but people around the country. Before I plunge on making pocket letters I made my own first. This pocket letter is my first Christmas pocket letter and I cannot hardly get rid of it or swap this to someone it is just like special to me because it is my first. After my first and second in making pocket letters I made 15 pocket letters and sent to friends who also sent me their pocket letters. It is cool and you may try it if you have time.


Al said…
Very nicely done! I like the photos in your previous post too - I hope you feel better.
AlexaT said…
Creative idea, indeed! And so lovely pictures of cards, too!
Greetings of december!
Liz said…
I've never heard of pocket letters! They sound interesting.

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