Monday, October 12, 2015

Pray, Pray and Pray

We had a busy weekend....hubby and I joined a group in our church to pray for America. I tell you that Saturday, the streets are busy...people are joining prayer rallies everywhere. Many went to pray in front of Planned Parenthood and other Abortion Facilities, peacefully and in prayer. Our Parish went to Veterans Memorial and prayed there. It was not our first time to come and pray. One time hubby and I went to an Abortion Facility and it was so cold. We stayed there for two hours and pray the rosary for TWO HOURS and every Hail Mary we pray we named a baby name. I was moved to do it for I know those babies that were sucked and vacuum doesn't have a name at all. So that's what we did. How about you friends in blogger sphere what you do or going to do to stop these horrific act? Get out and join, pray with out ceasing our country needs it.

                With what we heard in the news about selling baby parts, by Planned Parenthood etc.                                                             What you do to end these barbaric act?

                                         Linking to Blue Monday, Our World Tuesday
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Jeannie Marie said...

How can people be so blind as to not recognize they are condoning the slaughter of millions of children? Woe to them who support this holocaust. Much prayer and actively attempting to stop federal support of such a venture is a start.

Sheryl Tanya Page Raun Chambers said...


powerful seek,
prayers to your featured figures.

SmilingSally said...

Hi Kim,

You ask what I do? For years I've supported local pregnancy centers. I vote pro-life.

Happy Blue Monday!

Angie Church said...

a baby is a precious gift from God that has been given to individuals who were trusted to care for it. I am pro-life and have a daughter who would love to be so lucky to be expecting a little one. There are other alternatives and I pray that those that seek help find them
come see us at

LV said...

It is hard to find much good in our world right now. I cannot see much improvement.

carol l mckenna said...

Meditations and prayers on going ~ xox

Happy Week to you,
artmusedog and carol

Photo Cache said...

We pray for all the people who die from gun violence in our streets everyday, the nameless people who die of hunger in the streets of America.

Worth a Thousand Words

Marie C said...

God bless your group! What a beautiful thing to do. I would love to go pray at an abortion clinic, and also at a veterans memorial or hospital with a group but I've never heard of one doing so. Have your read the book Unplanned...AWESOME book! Thank you for this wonderful post!

Lea said...

God bless you!

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