Dollar Haul

I am not VLOGGING my Dollar Tree Haul instead I am blogging it here. I have watch many vlogging about Dollar Tree haul and I enjoy watching it but I feel like doing a blog only.  I am also a sure customer of Dollar Tree in fact this time I went to two stores and find great deals for a dollar! Why go to a store and pay $7 or $8 for pens when you can have it for a $1!! So here is my first blogging haul...with review!

I so love this one I hang this in our cabinet.

Love the fall dish towel design. The other one it is called hair catcher but I put it in the sink as well and it catch not just hair but everything in between.

                                        I am so liking this washi tape as they call it and I have plenty of this in different designs. The clips I should have...


Hannah said…
So many cool things from the Dollar Store! My favorite of mine is a red plastic strainer with round holes I use when I strain my Kefir. The fall dish towel is very decorative, and so many interesting other items.
Minoru Saito said…
Hi! There are many interesting things. Washi tape is very cool. Thanks for sharing.

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