Women of Grace

Last weekend, I attended the very best women retreat for the very first time here in the USA. It was the best weekend I ever had. I meet beautiful women...I mean real women!! You know what I mean? Those women who are looking to be close to God and have a very good relationship to Jesus. And also women who struggles in their chosen life. Women who knew how to be a woman in the real sense of the world word. A woman who know how to fight for God. A woman who fight for her husband and family. What makes me smile is that some people would say to seek for holiness you won't commit mistake, have problems, have struggles...no that is totally wrong. Where you can find a Saint who was not a sinner??? LOL!! They strive hard to change and when they did they are fired up with the Holy Spirit they don't have time to fell fear of the unknown for they know that God is with them. Looking forward to the conference this coming October I am praying hubby and I would be there. Keep praying for whoever is faithful God is with us! Mama Mary pray for us!! Check out Women of Grace National Conference 2015. Will be held in Grapevine, Texas this coming October 23-25, 2015!! 

                                             Johnnette Benkovic and me!! It as an honor to get a photo with her. She is the most humble speaker of all time. I have been to many retreats and conferences but I haven't seen like her. The other day I told my honey her spirit is pure, when she talked she is huge, but you feel there is no air on her, no boastfulness, nothing!! That is why I was fired up too it is contagious and all the women who attended the retreat. Now I have beautiful friends from different states and here in Michigan as well. What brings our friendship together is our PRAYERS TO EACH OTHER and that is the sisterhood of Women of Grace.


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