The color outside is awesome but it is not as vivid as last year. I think every year is different you think? I have few yellows I took..

                                                     1. flour noodels 2. lemon 3. mums

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Your yellows are vibrant! I really like the mum with the raindrops. And yes, each year seems to be different in colour intensity.
The dark trunk of the tree really is a nice contrast to the yellow leaves! Beautiful color my friend! Hugs!
Anonymous said…
Beautiful photos! Funny, my mosaic is all yellow too. So glad to have found your site via mosaic Mondays. I'll visit often.
Hello Kim
Such lovely yellows and your mosaic really comes alive with the soft flickering light from the tea light candle - beautiful!
Visiting from Mosaic Monday.
Liz said…
Pretty yellows! Have a fabulous Monday.

Liz (mlc)
Liz (yacb)
Anonymous said…
Such a neat set of yellows! :)
RNSANE said…
Why is it I think of lemon squares every time I see lemons...just looking at them puts the pounds on me....all your yellows are lovely.

My post today is about the colorful Jaipur puppets.

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