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     Do you realize how many languages are there in this world? I came from the Philippines and we have more than a hundred dialects spoken in the Philippines I only know two dialects the third is English. Growing up since I know about school, I started to learn English language. Of course, in my native country we have to learn our national language as well which I find it harder than learning English language. I remember in high school I have an English teacher that is very strict she does not want you to say ahhhmm or any kind of sound or gestures when you are speaking in English. It has to be in proper grammar and all that we have a hard time doing it since English is not our dialect at home. I was in college when my English was tested a test when our English teacher asked us so many things I do not know at that time how would I make it. Our assignment for that semester is to write about what is going on at that time. I remember that time we have this hording problem from people thinking that the government will take all the necessity away from everyone so the hording of people and businesspersons alike came in. That time it was hard if you do not have money to buy the things you need but I just shrugged that problem and focus on paper writing. I passed the subject with flying colors but now we could find paper writing service anywhere which makes me think how easy life is now compare to before, right?


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