My Dream House In Yellow

I don't about you guys but I so love this house. I know it is small for some to those who have huge house but this is my dream house wohooo!! Love love it!

                                      Do you agree with me this is a very pretty house.
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I like the house - colour, style and size. I've kept a magazine photo of my dream house that is similar at the front, only a bungalow.
eileeninmd said…
It is a cute house, I love the yellow color and the nice porch! Lovely images, Kim! Have a happy week!
podso said…
Yes this could be my dream house. I clicked on it on Mary's page because I liked the yellow and it looked so nice! I notice the bay windows on the side too. Lovely!
Louisette said…
I love much the yellow color, greeting from Belgium
Vee said…
Yes, I love yellow houses!
EG CameraGirl said…
Yes, it's a lovely old hoe.
Anonymous said…
Agreed! Very pretty yellow house and I love the abundance of flowers around it!
I do agree. It looks like a lovely house with lots of character. Valerie
It's beautiful...looks so cheery and sweet! We like living in a smaller house! Hugs!
Kim Hkiss said…
My hubby likes ranch type he said it is hard to climb up and down the stairs when we grow old lol!
I agree, the house looks so pretty!
sandy said…
Yellow is such a happy color! And it looks so quaint and inviting. Big is not necessarily better. Have a wonderful week!
Lorrie said…
It's a very pretty house. I like the color. Small and cute - less to clean!

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