Do you wonder where all our trash goes? All the time I wonder about it then one time we were in this, place and hubby pointed me out this mountain. I look at it; it is a mountain all right but does not have any trees or plants. He told me it is where our trash go through I could not believe it until I smell something stinky, lol! Anyway, I heard this recycling consulting company and I thought this is what countries and people do need. In my native country, we have this huge mountain we call it Smokey Mountain and it is all trash in there. From afar, it looks like a mountain but it is not that is why I think a recycling consulting expert should be hire by everyone so we could fix our problem with trash. Last weekend, hubby and I were talking about cleaning our woodshed and putting all our stuff into a recycling bin. I am into it because I am concern about our environment. If we do not take care of our surrounding it will come to us in no time and we are going to suffer from it. I also thought not all people are eager to do the recycling thing but if somebody is willing to show them and look after it, I think everything will be fine. For now, I am planning of what to recycle and what to put in the trash can that is the only way that I could help make our world a better way to live in.


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