Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Hair Fashion

     Hello everyone how is your summer going? I hope everyone has a good time because I do! Every weekend I told hubby that is my free time therefore, I have to go to parties every weekend. That is when I see the latest hair accessories because my friends are into fashion and cosmetology this year. After all the weekend, partying with friends I noticed the most hair accessories that almost everyone is talking is the hair extension. How do you find hair extensions? Do you like hair extensions that have color or you like the same hair color like yours. For me, I like almost the same hair color as mine. I do not mind a little honey or caramel color but not excessively different. 
     When I asked my friends about hair extensions, some say they like a different color and some say they like the same color like their hair. Usually that is the first issue that comes in the discussion the hair color. Then I followed the question with another one. I asked them why they like hair extensions. Somebody says it is hard to maintain a long hair so hair extensions do help especially in some event when you feel like you must have a long wavy silky hair. Therefore, I come up with the conclusions that hair extensions are what women like to get.  I for one have a long hair but still I like to put extensions to make it longer.
     Aside from hair extension there is a new cool trend in hair fashion that seems like it's picking up steam is hair chalking or special hair cahlk to temporarily color your hair. Anyone, who is looking for a great hair accessories go visit here www.finefeatherheads.com see you there!


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