Are you frugal

Growing up in the Philippines I experience many things in life. I do not remember I have so much material things. I do not remember my parents shower us with material things either but we never go hungry food is always there on the table. Because I am the eldest, my mother thought me to be frugal to discipline myself and to prioritize. Very early in life I already know how to budget my money never my parents teach us to go for credit never.
When I get married and transfer here in the US I am very surprise how people buy things in credit. I do not like it because I know it would never do well to anyone. The more you do credit buying the more you go into a deeper debt.  When I see books or any post about money saving tips or any post about finance tips for students, I read it and if the post written in a magazine, I cut it and keep it. Last month I went home and I teach my nieces and nephew to be frugal. I gave them money and observe them how they spend the money.  Some did buy anything they want but one niece of mine did a very good job she never spend money at all!
When I shop before I go to the mall and buy the stuff that, I like. However, when I discover that there is a way that I could spend less money and gets almost the same stuff I got from the mall I stop shopping in the mall where the price is so much high than the places I go. At, you can find many tips on how to be frugal and how to save money. Friends we do need to be frugal in many ways though life is short and we have to enjoy it but it is also our responsibility to be frugal and prioritize right.


Leovi said…
Yes, I only buy when I have money!

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