Watch Out

     Yesterday we had fun cooking out with friends and family here in our house. The weather is not that good it gets chilly as the hour goes by thankfully; we are finish eating when the rain starts to come and so we have to go inside the house. We were inside the house when we see the trees are swinging because of the high wind. Our friend who is in a tree cutting business told us about how people thought that climbing trees is easy. He once had a customer who ask him to climb their tree but when he gets in the place and saw the tree he told the owner he could not do it the tree is dead. Some people like to push the tree cutter to do it if they only know how hazardous that kind of job is. Right now, he had a good tree climbing gear but still he is very careful not to climb a dead tree or else he will pay hard if he fell down and broke any of his limbs. Therefore, even if he got a very good tree climbing gear he is still cautious which a good thing is.


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